Fife Interfaith Group

(An associate member of interfaith Scotland)

Bringing people of all faiths and Beliefs together through mutual understanding of teachings, traditions, and practices

All physical meetings and events scheduled by the Fife Interfaith Group have been cancelled until further notice. We hope you are doing all you can to remain safe and well during this difficult time. Click here for the Scottish government guidelines on how to protect your loved-ones.

Fife Interfaith Group AGM 2020

We regret that due to the Corona virus outbreak we have cancelled our physical meetings for April through September 2020. We have been holding our committee meetings via ZOOM web conference call and this is also true od our recent Annual General Meeting which was held on Wednesday 10th June 2020.

You can review the committee members and their roles here.

We encourage everyone to follow the goverment instructions and hope you, your family, and your congregations are safe and well.

Our newest Committee MemberS

We are delighted to announce that cllr. Judy Hamilton has accepted the nomination to serve as our vice-chairperson at our recent Annual General Meeting. We are sure she will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organisation.

Welcome Judy!

We'd also like you to welcome Junaid Syed (Photo coming soon) as our membership Secretary. Junaid previously served as chairperson on the FIG and returns to our group after extensive world-wide travel.

Welcome back Junaid.

Members of the Fife Interfaith Group were joned by two representatives from Interfaith Scotland, Dr. Mauseen Sier (Director) and Frances Hume (National Development Officer) at our recent AGM.

Associate Membership of Interfaith Scotland

At the Annual General Meeting of Interfaith Scotland to be held on 15th September 2020 it will be formally announced that the Fife Interfaith Group have been accepted as Associate members. The committee feels that this is a huge step for us and will allow us to more fully align ourselves with Interfaith Scotland and the other interfaith groups.

How are you doing? - Children's survey

Thousands of Children have responded to the "How are you doing? survey on April, May, and June. Children's parliament has now published a report on findings and as the report considers what 'recovery' might need, there is much to learn by listening to what children report. Click here for the report.

You may also be interested in the new resource "Back to school: a rights based approach to recovery"

Annual Interfaith Lecture and AGM of Interfaith Scotland

Science and Religion: My Personal Approach to the Pandemic

Professor Jason Leitch CBE (National Clinical Director) gave the Interfaith Scotland Annual Lecture on 14th September 2020 at 4:00pm. Click here to review his video message (Scroll down to find it).

A poem to brighten your day

Frank, our secretary and resident poet, has written a poem to brighten your day. This is it's first airing. We'd love to here our thoughts. Maybe you'd like to send us your poem. Click here to read the poem and click her to send your response.

Equality and Diversity in Fife

P division officers PC Rebecca Tweedie and PC Kinga Miskiewicz recently took over the role within the Equality and Diversity Unit within Fife. They both have 8 years’ service having worked within response, community and public protection roles. They are keen to move forward with equality, inclusion and wellbeing both within their organisation and in the wider communities they serve as police within Fife. They offer different training to business and organisations including third party reporting training which allows organisations to help support and facilitate a report to police when people have been the victim of a hate crime. They also deliver keep safe training which is part of the national ‘I am me’ programme, training up premises as dedicated safe places for people who may feel vulnerable whilst out in the community. As Police Officers they can offer different inputs and safety advice to groups to ensure communities have knowledge and understanding and access to police. They are more than happy to answer any questions and look forward to working in partnership with Interfaith Fife.

Appearance on Radio

Iain Liston (Chairperson) was invited to speak on The Breakfast Show for the "Voice of Islam" radio show on Thursday 26th November. The link to the show can be found here. Select the date and scroll to around the 35 minute mark if you just want to hear his remarks.