Fife Interfaith Group

(An associate member of interfaith Scotland)

Bringing people of all faiths and Beliefs together through mutual understanding of teachings, traditions, and practices

All physical meetings and events scheduled by the Fife Interfaith Group have been cancelled until further notice. We hope you are doing all you can to remain safe and well during this difficult time. Click here for the Scottish government guidelines on how to protect your loved-ones.

About Us

The Fife Interfaith Group (hereafter referred to as FIG) is a group of individuals from varied religious, social and ethnic backgrounds. The things we have in common are our hopes and desires for a community based on the Aims and Objectives described below.

Our Aims

Our Aim is to bring together people of all faiths and beliefs in Fife to advance public knowledge and mutual understanding of the teachings, traditions, and practices of these various faith communities. We aim to be inclusive of all beliefs. We would only exclude individuals or groups who expressed opinions that are not in harmony with the group's stated Aims and Objectives.


Provide a platform for communication between faith and belief communities, National, Regional, and Local Authorities, and Business and Educational Institutions to:

     - Promote mutual understanding, collaberation, and good relations between faith communities and the wider society

     - Offer opportunities for faith communities to share best practice on issues of common concern

     - Highlight and celebrate the positive contribution of faith groups.

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Membership is open to any person or body who accept the Aims and Objectives of FIG as expressed above.

Representatives from non-religious bodies and government agencies are welcome to open meetings but are not entitled to vote on any matters presented.

FIG have the right to request a membership fee from its members to maintain the running costs and out of pocket expenses of the group.

Members who have not attended meetings or sent apologies to the meeting over a period of 2 years will be seen as having relinquished their membership and will be removed from FIG's communication notices and newsletters. They will no longer receive invitations to FIG sponsored events. This does not apply to Honarary members.

If you woiuld like to join us you can register here.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee are appointed at the Annual General Meeting of the membership and shall comprise the positionss detailed below. The Executive Committee are empowered to deal with the day to day running of the Fife Interfaith Group and will maintain appropriate confidentiality  about its business. The Executive Committee are elected to serve for three years, reviewed annually, and shall serve for no more that two consecutive terms except in exceptional circumstances.

Chairperson - Iain Liston

Vice-Chairperson - cllr. Judy Hamilton

General Secretary - Frank Bowness

Membership Secretary - Junaid Syed

Treasurer - Evelyn Liston

Funding and Sponsorship Officer - Behdokht Eliasieh

Community Outreach Officer - Colm Wilson

Social Media Officer - Afeefa Ahmed

Events Coordinator - Vacant

Honourary Members

Francis McFarlane