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(An associate member of interfaith Scotland)

Bringing people of all faiths and Beliefs together through mutual understanding of teachings, traditions, and practices

All physical meetings and events scheduled by the Fife Interfaith Group have been cancelled until further notice. We hope you are doing all you can to remain safe and well during this difficult time. Click here for the Scottish government guidelines on how to protect yourself, the NHS Staff,  and your loved-ones.


Like my hero from Dundee who was so people say

The world's worst poet not just then but even to this day

I, sometimes, get a visit from the sweet poetic muse

And write poems from the heart to give to all of you'se.

2020 breezed right in and all was going well,

We didn't ever really think that it would go to - Well

It did and COVID was the cause of all the problems bleak

As soon the people were locked down for nearly every week.

So panic stations we can't have our meetings as before

The group would fall apart if we don't have any more

And then a funny word was heard all around the room

“Nae bother folks let's go online and meet up on the Zoom”.

                         Our Chairman is a clever chap and from him ideas bloom     

What did he really mean by saying “meet up on the Zoom”

I wondered was he havering, I didn't want to gripe

Because all I had ever heard before was meeting up on Skype

But Zoom was better! You all log on and come up on the screen

The pictures lined up in a row and everyone so keen

To get a chance to meet again it was special boon

That now we could now all meet again together on the Zoom

                         Yes Zoom was the great idea of some clever wee man whom     

Had just brought out at the right time an app that's called the Zoom

                         A great idea and all were pleased and so there was no gloom     

We could all meet up and have a chat all because of Zoom

All could meet up everywhere the horseman and the groom

And everyone was feeling good it swept in like a broom

And smokers in their home could let the smoke just plume

They had no-one to stop them from doing it on Zoom

The weavers could all attend while sitting at their loom

But who'd have thought that we'd still all be doing it in June

                         And we are still now at it in the months when leaves turn broon     

Is there ever going to be an end to all this Zoom!

                         And so the COVID still goes on from birth until the tomb     

                         Even unborn children know of Zoom while in the womb     

It seems, therefore, that we can all safely just assume

That the boom in Zoom will carry on till Spring when flowers bloom.

By Frank Bowness (General Secretary)