Fife Interfaith Group

(An associate member of interfaith Scotland)

Bringing people of all faiths and Beliefs together through mutual understanding of teachings, traditions, and practices

As Soctland moves out of the levels system, the Fife Interfaith Group hope to start holding face-to-face committee meetings. Click here for the Scottish government guidelines on how to continue protecting yourself, your loved-ones, and the NHS Staff.


Welcome to our website. We hope you will find the information you need to acquaint yourself with our Aims and objectives. We will update the content frequently and would welcome your comments. Please use the links above to navigate to the areas of interest to you

We'd be delighted to have you join us in our committee meetings. Membership is only £5 for the year and you can join as an individual or as a representative of a faith / belief group. Contact us for more information.

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We are working on a calendar that will highlight some of the religious festival you may like to be aware of. As an expression of unity, we felt it was approriate to share these date so we can celebrate with people of other faiths. Watch this space.

Mini Hippo  

Do you knit? Would you like to support a good cause?

Fife Council has appointed a Project Manager, - Ruth McCabe, to promote Fife as being Dementia Friendly.   The project manager visits schools, along with members of STAND – a group of people living with younger onset dementia, who together, deliver a specialist course, for children, on becoming a dementia friend.  

The idea of the gift of a small hand sized hippo to be given to each child who undertakes the course is in response to STAND adopting the hippo as their mascot.  A part of the brain – Hippocampus, is often affected by dementia.  The STAND hippo is known as 'Campus'.

The aim is to have 1000 hippos, to hand out, to the children of Fife.

If you are interested, please contact Lousia Turner who has a full-size knitting pattern.